Princess Huhuran is dead

October 18, 2006

Last night Swarm killed Princess Huhuran on our first proper night of tries, only three weeks into starting AQ40 properly. Phase 2 when she berserks at 30% is tough, and we succeeded partly due to some great efforts by Mobians and Hivers in grinding NR gear and materials for pots and flasks, and partly due to everyone focussing really well for the last attempt. The princess is the boss in AQ40 where the instance becomes much harder, and it was great to conquer her very smoothly on the final attempt, with only three deaths.


Trinity and Sartura down in AQ40

October 3, 2006

Very successful raid in AQ40 tonight – first the three bugs Lord Kri, Princess Yauj and their baby Vem, then the whirlwinding maniac Battleguard Sartura. Repair bills were forgotten as we claimed more new scalps for Swarm. Thanks to all who took part – now get grinding more nature resistance gear for the next few fights in AQ40!

Nefarian down!

September 29, 2006

Swarm killed Nefarian on Tuesday 27th September. Pictures are on the forums. After being forced to cancel or stop raids due to the awful lag in BWL, it took us two weeks of attempts after the lag problem was fixed to kill the big dragon. Well done everyone!

Chromaggus wishes us a happy birthday

August 23, 2006

Mobius is 1 year old! And to celebrate Swarm got its first kill of Chromaggus, on the first attempt of the evening. We then took Nefarian to Phase 2 and got him to 88%, a really good evening’s raid.

Sign up for the duelling competition on Sunday as part of the birthday celebrations!

Upcoming plans for the Swarm; party on!

August 18, 2006

Zlava and Talsin, together with the other raid leaders, have drawn up a plan for where the Swarm is heading over the next few months before the expansion comes out. Please read the posts on the forums and comment.

Mobius will be celebrating its 1st birthday on Tuesday 22nd August. Thanks to all for being a part of it. Watch the forums for details of upcoming celebrations.

Midsummer Party: Uxon is the new Duelmeister

June 27, 2006

Thanks to Shanks, Pinto, Barbas and Tarod for organising the Mobius Midsummer Party on 25th June. Zepradueno won the “find the rogues” competition and was runner-up to Uxon in the knockout duelling competition. Sixteen members took part in the duelling, with Uxon winning both the overall prize and that for the highest crit. Shanks and Kara won the most amusing duel competition by a narrow margin from Rojin and Gt. The party finished with fireworks and silly awards as half the guild ran off to watch the World Cup. Read Barbas’ full report on the forums. 

Progress with the Mobius premade

May 14, 2006

This week Uxon was able to put together some pvp action on both Friday and Saturday nights, running WSG and AB with a mainly Mobius team. Thanks to all who came, both Mobians and those from Hive and other guilds. Although there were some games we'd rather forget, a particular highlight in AB last night was defeating one of the best alliance premades (run by Thrasymakhos): we took the blacksmith, lumber mill and farm and defended them all successfully for almost the entirely of the game against some pretty ferocious attacks.