Progress with the Mobius premade

May 14, 2006

This week Uxon was able to put together some pvp action on both Friday and Saturday nights, running WSG and AB with a mainly Mobius team. Thanks to all who came, both Mobians and those from Hive and other guilds. Although there were some games we'd rather forget, a particular highlight in AB last night was defeating one of the best alliance premades (run by Thrasymakhos): we took the blacksmith, lumber mill and farm and defended them all successfully for almost the entirely of the game against some pretty ferocious attacks.


Swarm is now Hive and Mobius

May 2, 2006

As of May 1st 2006, the Swarm raiding alliance now officially consists of ourselves and Hive. Our two guilds have been working closely together since August 2005 and have held many joint events since then. See more detailed posts on the raid forums and our own guild forums to explain the changes. Talsin and I hope that this change will enable all of us to make progress towards our goals of providing as much end-game raiding for all our members as we can, while not forgetting those who are levelling up and enjoying the game in other ways.