Princess Huhuran is dead

October 18, 2006

Last night Swarm killed Princess Huhuran on our first proper night of tries, only three weeks into starting AQ40 properly. Phase 2 when she berserks at 30% is tough, and we succeeded partly due to some great efforts by Mobians and Hivers in grinding NR gear and materials for pots and flasks, and partly due to everyone focussing really well for the last attempt. The princess is the boss in AQ40 where the instance becomes much harder, and it was great to conquer her very smoothly on the final attempt, with only three deaths.


Trinity and Sartura down in AQ40

October 3, 2006

Very successful raid in AQ40 tonight – first the three bugs Lord Kri, Princess Yauj and their baby Vem, then the whirlwinding maniac Battleguard Sartura. Repair bills were forgotten as we claimed more new scalps for Swarm. Thanks to all who took part – now get grinding more nature resistance gear for the next few fights in AQ40!