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  1. Tuskman says:

    Hello ive have been out for a guild that are doing AQ40 and BWL but problem is that i dont have so much epic 3 atm =( andi know Mobius does instance whit Hive and ur doing Mc easy what i have heard so it sounds good for me and i hope i can join i know ur guys are a bit full on alla classes but it alwase go to try BUT a little things about me then : am from Sweden am 14 years old ive got a lvl 60 Troll hunter named tuskman am markmanship spec and ive got rly good dps wen i was it lates MC i did have higher dps than a guy whit full T1 ^^

  2. Tom says:

    Hey all.

    Im looking for a good mature guild. Is this the guild im looking for? If so, are you guys recruiting? Ninjaben said it could be fun here 😉

    Hugs’n kisses

  3. Warptwist says:

    dont use:, use !

    the other dosent work

  4. Chaosnight says:

    hello..I want to join a GOOD guild beacause i want to do RAIDS etc. the problem is that i have only x2 EPIC…but no green things.Also i am very experienced player beacause i have other players too 🙂 plz contact with me i would like to join MOBIUS 🙂

  5. DoomBG says:

    Hello Mobius 🙂
    I want to join your guild because i heard that it is good . I’m 52 level orc warlock.I level up very fast . I ‘m very expierienced in raids , teamwork and supporting. I have other heroes in different server and been in MC ,AQ40/20 ,ZG and other .I play in Shadowsong server from 15 days couse i have a RLF in that server but I catch on very fast . Hope you invite me.;)

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